Monday, September 28, 2009

Proof Positive

If you doubt for a minute the power and options that becoming an In Focus photographer offers ... then allow me to show you this quick set of images captured on our way down Palomar mountain after an amazing Landscape Workshop this past weekend.

Even though the first image of each series was shot in complete manual, it still lacks the color and 'punch' most of us would want when shooting images of our loved ones — glare will do that to you. The second image of each set shows what happens when you stand in the correct spot and simply turn your polarizer (keep in mind though this will only work if you're in manual and know what you're doing with a polarizer) and the third image of each set shows what happens when you add a bit of light to the scenario with a wired off-camera flash (the off-camera term being the most important piece of the puzzle).

Seeing beyond the obvious is a major goal of the In Focus photographer. The first image of each of these sets shows you how things really looked that day and what my results would have been limited to if I knew no better.

Knowing that you have a choice and that you have the experience and skill to make it happen quickly is the real goal here. Become that artist with a camera you know you can be ... take the time and learn how and why things work ... then simply make them work for you. There is no tool, camera or lens that can be creative and capture something it can't see — this takes someone special, this takes an artist ... this takes you!


  1. Wonderful photos and comparisons. I definitely need to take your flash course


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