Monday, September 28, 2009

My In Focus II experience

There isn't one word or appropriate phrase that I can use to explain how much I have learned and enjoyed the Classes that I have taken thru In Focus Learning Center. I have always been interested in photography but for the most part until now all I have been doing is taken pictures. For me to really make an honest comment about the In Focus II, I made a comparison of my photos before and then now. The difference is huge. I posted a series of photos that I had taken before IF II where I concentrated on composition and a message without realizing it. Rod commented how we instinctively try to compose but now thru the knowledge of IF II we know why. He was absolutely right. I now understand how important color or the lack thereof, different shapes, angle photo is taken and even having people in the photo is so important in the message your are trying to portray in the photo. Now because of the In Focus II composition class I find myself thinking before I shoot. Being in the field learning composition has given me more knowledge then any photography book I have read. Robin and Rod, thank you for all the insight I have gained in a short amount of time and will continue to do so thru future classes

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