Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Hailey and a trip up to Palomar.

We went up Palomar Mt for the Landscape Workshop. I got the time wrong and so Hailey and I had to wait awhile. I took some photos in the parking lot. I was trying out an old 28-72mm lens from my film days. The lens was made for my Minolta camera by Toyo Optics. It has great depth of field but not great for blurry backgrounds. I have also a 75-200 by the same company.

I liked this reflection in the pickup's door mirror.

Self portrait in the door mirror.

Then we were outside near the gift store and took some photos of Hailey. This one is my favorite of the photos I took.

Hailey was texting her friends but the signal came and went.

Leaving the mountain


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