Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's do something important with our camera — let's change the world.

Passion, fire, intensity, honesty, vision, pride — these are not just words, they are the embodiment of what it means to be an In Focus photographer, to be an artist with a camera.

We see the world differently. For us it's a never-ending string of possibilities governed only by how we feel and what we want to share. We examine our inner voice, we share our passions, we explore our desires and analyze our faults. We don't take pictures.
To us the camera means something. It's a tool that allows us to express ourselves. It's way for us to share with the world how we feel, what we think ... who we are.

Sadly though ... we are alone.

The world has a different view. It sees the camera as a means recording the way something looks, instead of how it makes them feel. Blinded by the one thing in front of them, suppressed by biological, psychological and sociological biases they simply take a picture of a thing. They point their camera at this clump of graphic information and click the shutter — oblivious to the fact that there is more to what they see than what was in front of them. The very essence of inspiration is lost. They are pointing their camera at a thing when it was a feeling that got their attention in the first place.

How do you feel about what’s in front of you ... what does it mean to you? This is the real goal — nothing else. Share with the world this, and I promise — we will all grow as artists. It has to happen.

But the world is blinded. So many pictures taken, so few souls explored. We are special for goodness sake, we are connected ... and a never ending visual collection of things doesn’t help us grow as a society, exploration of heart, meaning and integrity does.

Expressionism though is not dead in photography — it’s just dormant. There is meaning out there, there are artists who are making a difference and it’s for them that I offer a new Web site.

This new site is for those who use a camera for more than just taking pictures. It’s for those who explore their own world and want to share with others how it makes them feel.

Check it out and I hope you’ll join. I can have up to 100 blog authors at time. Let’s do something important with our camera — let’s change the world.

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