Thursday, July 23, 2009

About this Web site and its creator

Why all the fuss? For most of us, it’s not that big of a deal ... we grab our camera, turn it on, point at our subject and shoot. Pretty simple right? But if modern photography is that simple, and people are really so happy, then why all the photography books, classes, workshops and seminars? Why then, in a world were technological advancements have made capturing an image easier than making a cup of coffee, do we still want more? The answer is simple: pride. We’re missing it ... and we have to get it back.

My name is Rod Deutschmann, I’m an award-winning fine-art photographer, a San Diego photography instructor, 20-year newspaper editor and veteran Marine Combat Correspondent. I’ve spent my life exploring artistic expression — highlighting the difference between simply ‘taking’ a beautiful photograph and ‘creating’ a moving piece of art. The camera is my paintbrush. It has been my life. During the last few years I’ve shared my unique vision of ‘art with a camera’ with my San Diego students — trying to bring a little pride back into the lives of photographers. I’ve shown them that true expressionism comes from an understanding of who you are — not what you own. I’ve proved to them that with passion, drive and determination anything is possible and that Photoshop or any other type of after-the-fact manipulation isn’t really needed.

I built this Web site to showcase the people who use photography to express themselves. To give them a voice and a sanctuary. My hope is that this Web site will inspire others to go manual in their camera, to give up after-the-fact manipulation and show people that there is more to photography than just taking pretty pictures.


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  2. Rod. My In focus I and II classes have helped me a lot to grow. I recently went to Carmel and Monterey, CA for a few days. It gave me a chance to practice my lessons, while feeling confident in my equipment. I reaaly enjoyed shooting both landscape, and doing blocks on stores. I showed a web album to a good friend, and got a heart warming response. He said the pictures were reaaly good, and that they were interesting,(not just vacation pictures of where I went) and made him want to explore what was in them.

    That did really give me pride in my work. Thank you Rod, and Robin.


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