Monday, September 6, 2010

Web Site News — Moving to Facebook

An In Focus World is moving over to facebook! 

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and begin posting away!

As many of you already know we have gone hog wild for facebook and in what it offers. We try as hard as possible to keep you updated as often as we can as well as offering you unique insight into the In Focus way of thinking ... and my goodness how you’ve responded. Our ‘like’ numbers have risen dramatically since we began this journey and have you to thank for it. We realize that many of you possibly didn’t have facebook accounts and are very private about who you let into and onto your world of facebook. We thank you for your trust, faith and courage.

As with anything ... interaction is key. Please if you would ever like to share a special photo, image or idea, feel free to post it on our wall. There are only a few occasions where we may remove it (vulgarity, inappropriateness, advertising, spam, competing businesses, etc ...) If you’ve got an image, idea, insight, trick and you want to share ... we really can’t wait to see it.

We’re doing our best to streamline your IFLC experience and want to keep all your important resources within quick striking distance. You’ll see that we’ve changed our facebook tabs bar a bit. 

First you’ll notice a new ‘schedule’ tab. This tab gives you instant access to our most recent schedule. Updates (such as this one) will be made available there as well. You will also notice tabs to both regular (hard-copy) books and e-books. Each tab provides links to either on- line book retailers or instructions for how to acquire the product.

You’ll also notice that we moved the events tab closer to the front, making it more visible. Following our charge of making things easier for you we’ll now be using this tab to get you closer to your class notes, classmates and instructors. Once you’ve registered (and gotten your confirmation e-mail) head over to the events tab and click on your class. Once there just RSVP for the course and it’s from this unique events page where you’ll be receiving all your notes, uploading your images and communicating with fellow classmates. We are moving away from our blogger pages in the hopes of making your computer time with us as stress-free as possible

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