Monday, July 19, 2010

What a Difference a Few Minutes Make

So it's been a couple weeks since America celebrated its 234th birthday, and I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day weekend and got lots of great fireworks shots. I just wanted to share three photos I took on July 4th while waiting for the fireworks to start. All three photos were taken with the same settings but only about five minutes apart -- it's amazing to see how the light changed within those five minutes even though it wasn't that noticeable with my own eyes.


  1. Loved your fireworks from last year and wondered if you would take more this year. Beautiful photos of the city as it grows dark. Pretty fireworks too. Would've loved to be over there...maybe next year.


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  3. Great clear focus, and interesting comparison of the same image. It was not easy to catch the firework at the perfect time. Nice work.


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