Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tips for the Holidays ... as shown by IFLC Students

Our Holiday Portait's students have taken it 'indoors' and shows us with a little lighting ingenuity ... anything is possible!

Photo by Jan Hayman

Lighting is a necessity for photography ... and at no time do we understand this more than when there is a lack of it. Shooting indoors can be an ongoing struggle if you lack the basics in lighting control ... but, with a few tips and tricks, illumination is usually just a finger-press away.

TIP#1: Turn on some lights! There isn't anything mystical about 'photographic' lighting. Light is light. So, make good use of those lamps in your house.

TIP#2: Raise your ISO. Yes, of course you will gain grain ... but, without it, you may gain nothing at all. Just use it wisely.

Photos by Diana Russo

TIP#3: Learn how to bounce a flash. The best way to control the lighting in a room is to illuminate it completely yourself. Flash is a powerful tool to help bring your message out of the darkness.

Photos by Jan Hayman

Planning ahead and taking the time to practice your indoor lighting before the holiday 'hub-bub' begins will ease the stress of your Holiday shooting.

Photo by Diana Russo

And just look how happy your subjects will be ... they'll simply be jumping for joy (frozen AND in low, indoor lighting, no less)!

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