Friday, December 11, 2009

Did I paint?

I was practicing in my aunt's garden over Thanksgiving and I think I might have accomplished a bit of painting without intending to. Those of you who actually know how to paint will be able to tell me for sure:) If I did, that is really cool and if I didn't, maybe I will have to try again!


  1. Hi Jessica.

    Whether you call it Painting with a Lens, controlling blur or 'smoothing' an image — as long as you like the result, then do it.

    Techniques are born because of something you need to say, not because of something you want to 'shoot'. The rhythm of your heart is showing in this image Jessica, it's not so much about the flowers as it is about how you felt about them.

    I like the image lot, not just because it's pretty (which it is)... but because I know where you're heading. I know the excitement and the wonder that await. And I'm happy to see you moving in that direction.

    Soon you'll be digging deep into new techniques, making your own and exploring those created by others. You're moving far from being just another good photographer to something even more important. Artists inspire others ... these are the people we respect, admire and emulate. Explore your heart and not just the world of pretty things.
    There are just too many photographers in the world and no where near enough visionaries who push societies box.

    Painting a vision of what your heart holds has little to do with the 'thing' that inspired the feeling. By letting go of the norm, you're approaching something wonderful — real artistic freedom.

    What you see here are chromatic and spacial aberrations, just two pieces of the painting puzzle. There are many, many more ways of expressing yourself as well.

    You've opened up a box of wonder here Jessica... I hope you're ready for what it brings next!!!

  2. Abberations! I was trying to explain this to my husband and I couldn't remember the word:) Thank you for your advice. I am excited to keep working at this:)

  3. I'm not sure if it's painting or not (haven't taken that class yet) but it is simply beautiful Jessica!

  4. Absolutely wonderful!
    This image is a wonderful celebration. It is as if your focal point is the center of a lively dance.
    Love it


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