Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun with Light

With book deadlines looming once again, we found ourselves Sunday afternoon (after a couple of great classes) near Old Town in San Diego creating several illustrations. We were a bit rushed, with only 90 minutes with which to work, but we made great use of the time.

Here, thanks to Holly's and Robin's patience and dedication to the project, we see just a few of the images.

Current and previous In Focus Flash course members will see the use of multiple flashes in all of these images. And, obviously a bit more light was required than what our pop-ups could afford. Keep in mind though that all the control exhibited here is done by employing the same 'rules' of light and physics that current class members learned during their pop-up portion of their Sunday morning class. Plus you also have to realize that all photos were created in manual operation of both the camera and flashes. Automatic settings could never have garnered what you see. Remember auto is designed to give you average ... and average is nothing to aspire to!

Remember when using a flash or flashes — it's not about eliminating shadows, it's about illuminating meaningful messages.

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  1. Beautiful shots - I especially like the first and the last. I'm still working on mastering the off-camera flash (holding the flash at the correct angle) before I venture into the world of the Cactus transmitters! I can't wait for your book to come out!


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