Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cloud Fool

It's true.
When the clouds knock
and ask "can Mark come out to play?"
I am there
without question

I bow to the F64 club and their doctrine....turn and make leave...
to embrace the new world freedom


  1. The F64 club also felt everything should always be in focus ... I don't think either one of us would really fit in. Do you?

    Beautiful Shot Mark nontheless. You've inspired me yet again!

  2. Thank you Rod and Jean.
    Rod, you are correct. This form of photography is a no-no in the Group 64. I am sure that we both respect the efforts the masters employed in their work....and when our work requires it, we follow them. Arguably though "Pure Photography" shouold never be defined by one man, one group...or one anything.

  3. Well it seems that this F64 club is looking at photos with their eyes rather than their imaginations...........great shot, I love it!


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