Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We drive in mazes like rats in some experiment. Paths became roads and then roads became highways. We have connected our world with a blacktop and concrete matrix that covers our world like a disease. This is just another concrete connection that will make life easier and more dangerous.



  1. Well said Dorothy. On a similar note, I've been wanting to capture an image of bicyclists crossing over heavy traffic on I-5, yet when I do, the people are soooo small they get lost, as one would in your picture. $#*& cars.

  2. John,

    Keep trying to get the shot. I wanted to get this one with the men working on top...they wear bright orange, and they would be very small. To get the shot I need to be stopped at the light and not too many cars back and have my camera with me. I got the photo on Sunday when no one was working... I plan to keep trying to get it right.


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