Friday, September 25, 2009

Thanks IN FOCUS II: A Field Guide to Composition students

If you would like to see more of this session's images or just a closer view of the ones above, simply click on an image and you'll be taken to a photobucket gallery.

With more than 1,000 images posted — yes, I said 1,000 images. Our most recent Composition Course Students knocked the world of human biases and compositional 'rules' out of the ball park. What tremendous images ... and what hard work and dedication shown by all.

Composition is one the most important tools an artist-with-a-camera has — and he needs to understand it like the back of his hand. That's what our In Focus II class does ... it puts all those biases in front of you and challenges you to recognize and control them.

You're images will get better after this course ... there is no doubt. A new composition course begins this weekend ... we still have three spaces left!!!

Write to us at to lock in your reservation.

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  1. My husband and I took In Focus II with great interest, finishing just two weeks before our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Italy. WHAT an opportunity to practice what we learned (and we learned a LOT)! The class taught me to look at the world entirely differently. I've taken graphic design, art, and typography courses at MiraCosta... each little increment played against the other opening my eyes but this course really rather tied all the concepts I learned together for me. I knew I liked certain things, found them attractive, but quantifying _why_ I found them attractive allowed me to tune more into what I was capturing in photographs and how to make those images more interesting and evocative. We learned a tremendous amount (of course) from Rod/Robin but also (via the blog) from each other. The shared student photos taught me not to pass by things that I might have previously passed by because they made for tremendous images. Seeing others vision of the world opened new avenues for creativity. I'm very excited to continue our learning process in November... and my husband and I will have tremendous fun 'playing camera' on our trip next week. He finally assimilated that I wasn't planning on sharing my camera with him and he's bringing his own. ha ha


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