Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Painting Class Retrospective

A fresh group of IFLC painters have recently entered the expressionism world. Our Painting With a Lens class just ended. It was tough going as each explored the very edges of human biases and creative techniques. They learned to give up what others expect to see ... and look inside for their own view of what surrounds them. Then they tried to create an image that matched. The techniques were rough and their first few assignment posts crude ... but from those humble beginnings, true artists started to emerge. They gave up the norm and tried something different. They saw and worked with tiers of graphic information instead of just things, they choose lighting exposures others would scoff at and they focused on nothing but thin air alone. This was a challenging class and I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of our students for joining us.

A word to my students: Take what you've learned from us and put it to test ... explore your heart and find meaning with your images. Don't just be another photographer, there are plenty of those. Be that artist with a camera we know you can be.

Thanks again to these new students and if you want you can check out their progress in this class retrospective just click here for a PDF.

Though the images may be a little green and 'odd' the the untrained eye, they represent so much more to the In Focus Photographer — the birth of an artist.

Congrats gang, great job in a tough class ... I'll see you in the field.


  1. The techniques class is the most fun of all the classes and I like every one I've taken!



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