Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Focus II students, your blog is up

For those of you who were lucky enough to score a spot in our next In Focus II:A Field Guide to Composition course that begins tomorrow, congratulations. You will soon be receiving your blog invite. Watch you email for this as sometimes it is directed to junk mail folders.

What to expect: In this class you'll be taught to look at the world differently, to see things others ignore. This will not be an easy task, both for you and for us. We'll be fighting biological and learned biases, we'll try to work with pieces of a world that we once thought of as whole. To help we've brought together the most fantastic group of exercises and outdoor vision building techniques ever imagined. This is our first class designed to strengthen your In Focus vision; this is our first class that addresses the heart of message building.

Everyday, you will be asked to participate in the curriculum on your own. Each day you will grow as an artist - this I promise. You will, by the end of this course, be able to take a message apart and reassemble it ... striving to make the most out of each piece. You will learn why people think the way they do, what they expect to see in a photograph and most importantly, how they read graphic messages.

Buckle up my friends ... this is going to be one amazing ride!

NOTE: Once you become an In Focus II blogger you'll see PDF downloads at your ready. Take a moment and look through them. Your homework begins tomorrow.

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