Friday, June 4, 2010

A Challenge

A challenge to all our our macro and close-up artists out there. In honor of our new macro book (which is in the final in-house edit stages) we would love to see your close-up/macro shots. As you know we love the genre and can't wait to see what you've got. If you've got a facebook account (or even if you don't) visit our IFLC facebook page and upload your favorite close-up images today.  We would LOVE to see them!


Getting up-close-and-personal with life and nature (no matter how small it might be) is something that every macro/close-up artist adores. He sees things a bit different than most. He looks, he inspects and he dreams — and his images prove it. And while the techniques and mechanics required to capture dramatic macro images (such as this photo) may prove challenging at first, with enough patience, dedication and love anything is possible.

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