Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Beautiful San Diego

Yesterday as I worked a few pieces, I couldn't stop reflecting on the disaster occurring in the gulf of Mexico. I pray it can be stopped soon...even more, that alternative fuels will be our next goal.

San Diego is so precious and beautiful.

Shot this one with maxed out WB

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  1. Awesome Mark ... it's stunning. I simply wish we could share this type of expressionism with more people. Each day we see so many more photographers wanting to be real artists and needing inspiration. Sadly all they see are the 'pros' telling them this isn't what they want (or should) do.

    I loved seeing your work at the fair ... you have nearly an entire wall there!!!! I love that and couldn't be more proud of you. That is simply stunning and what magnificent strides.

    If you wanted to share your work even more (and we could certainly use the help) our new IFLC facebook page could use your input and your images as well. It has the ability to reach many, many more people that this blog and I would be honored and thankful to have you post there.

    You can see it at:

    Right now I'm posting stuff on indoor flash work and your expressionism would counterbalance this mechanical side so well.

    Thanks again for posting here and I hope you consider posting on our facebook page as well.

    Take care my friend and good shooting!


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