Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've read it before, but the message is just as strong the second and third time around:
Find the entry "When the Going Gets Tough"

At times, self-doubt may rear its ugly head. Selfish critics may dismiss long hours of hard work. At times, there may not seem to be any apparent movement forward. As long as we keep moving, we'll get there, and the journey's reward will be that much sweeter.
Rod, the Off-Camera Flash book is excellent!

...IFLC members take pride in making images just the way we "see" them.

3 incorporated flashes used

YES...intentional blur....fully rejected by most "true" macro photographers.
Keep marching


  1. I knew before I studied the photo, it was yours! You have your own style of poetic prose as well as your own style of photographic art. Beautiful and inspiring as always. Bless you and Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your photos look as though you found your favorite paint brush and created a beautiful picture. Your photos are amazing as are the inspiring words of thought


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