Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fantastic News

We are exceedingly proud and excited to share with you (officially) news of a new In Focus book project. As many of you know we have been working for a year now with Amherst Media, the world's largest and most prolific publisher of photography books. Our first book Off-Camera Flash (due to hit book store shelves in just a few weeks) was a dream come true.  Never have we worked so hard on one singular project. As many of you know it was a labor of love for our entire family. Some of you are also aware that we've penned two other books for Amherst Media:  Just One Flash and Multiple Flash (both scheduled for a November release).

We'd like to now announce that a new contract has been signed for a brand new book for Amherst (on a subject that has never been written about before) Off-Camera Flash for the Close-Up and Macro Photographer. This book will combine two of our favorite genres and we are (again) so very excited. The entire family will be participating as well and our shooting schedule has actually already begun.

For the next few months we'll dive deep into everything macro and close-up — and we can't wait.

We also realize that none of this would have been possible without you ... our In Focus family. It was you who pushed us toward this realization, it was you who gave us the courage to spread the word of manual control and it was you who gave us the confidence to make it all happen. 

From the bottom of hearts we thank each and every one of you ... and we promise to make this book live up to the traditions of the IFLC and to stay true to our core belief — the beauty comes from inside the photographer, not from his camera bag.

Good shooting friends, we'll see you in the field.


  1. Wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your books in print.


  2. How exciting! We've been waiting so long...can't wait to get a signed copy! :)


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