Monday, February 1, 2010

Impressionistic Photography

I came across the website and photography of Eva Polak this afternoon while surfing the Web during my lunch break at my desk. Her photographs represent exactly what Rod and Robin have been teaching us and are a sign that perhaps the world is finally starting to wake up and realize that photographs needn't always be perfectly exposed or tack sharp to be beautiful. Her photographs, like Rod and Robin's, are very inspirational and should make anybody that sees them want to go out and take some themselves.

Of her photography, Eva says

In the same way as the French impressionist painters I endeavour to convey a sense of time and motion with the ever changing properties of natural light.

My photographs are creative representations of the subject and they have been produced using traditional in-camera techniques.

From the moment you see her first photograph, it's evident that she employs many of the techniques taught by Rod in the Painting with a Lens course. Rod and Robin: the world is listening...


  1. All are great but I love the second one most. Great work.


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I love her "people" gallery.

    Isn't it great when we find others who want to express themselves through their camera when there are so many who are satisfied with mere snapshots?


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