Tuesday, January 26, 2010

News for those interested in learning composition (In Focus II)

February will be the last month we'll be offering the In Focus II:A Field Guide to Composition class for a while. With four core courses, six specialty classes, the sharp-shooter program, three adult education courses, field trips, workshops, lectures and an upcoming book tour our time is getting pretty tight. If you're interested in this fantastic course, now would be the time to sign up — we have just a few seats left for our upcoming February course. The class begins Feb. 6 and weaves you through the nuances of human biases, simple to advanced placement constructs and the joy of creating meaningful messages instead of just simple pictures.

This is one of the most fascinating and rewarding classes we offer. In just five sessions you will shoot better photographs, have a firm grasp of the 'whys' we (and our audience) see and, most importantly, you will have a wealth of compositional tools to add to your already packed camera bag.

Students get four outdoor sessions, one rare indoor critique, booklets, exclusive In Focus Composition Flash Cards and more. 

If you want better images ... then take this class. That's as simple as it gets!

Click here for the actual week two booklet from our class.

To reserve your space, act fast. Email Robin at savemeaspot@me.com.
We'll see you in the field.

NOTE: You do not have had to take In Focus I to join, though a good understanding of manual control is required.

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