Saturday, January 23, 2010

Macro Day!

Spent the day at the gardens working on all things macro. I used macro tubes for some, and just flipped my 50mm for others.

I used a flipped 50 for the first one. It's a piece of stained glass I found on a bench.

I also flipped my 50 for the next one. It looks almost 3d, but I was actually punching the curl against a red rose that was about 4 feet away. Increased the white balance as well.

I used my macro tubes for the next one because I wanted a bit more control over depth of field. Ornamental Cabbage is fun to shoot. So many colors!
Another with the 50 flipped. A bit more on the abstract side. I liked the color gradients. I also upped my white balance to look warmer.

Used the tubes for this last one. I wanted the flower to look sad and dreary, so I turned down the saturation, upped the contrast, and lowered my white balance.

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