Saturday, December 26, 2009


One of the biggest hurdles an In Focus photographer will come across on his journey to artistic freedom is his own 'subject-only' bias. It takes a lot to 'see' beyond our own vision, to create messages instead of simple pictures. We start our students off with a simple technique we call 'punching'. It helps them focus on seeing alternatives instead of just focusing on subjects.

"Think before you press the shutter," we offer. "Look at everything in the viewfinder, adjust your perspective, change your depth-of-field. Don't just react, plan. Why not be an artist who creates his own message, his own work of art instead of just another photographer taking a pretty picture? Use the world around you, look to all the pieces ... not just the one that strikes your fancy. Push yourself toward your real goal of becoming an artist with your camera and your images will show this dedication, this I promise."

Here is a small booklet from our upcoming Painting With a Lens Course that may bring the concept of 'punching' a little more In-Focus. I hope it helps. The link expires after 15 days of posting.

NOTE: We cover the punching technique as well as many other advanced visualization and 'painting' techniques during our Painting with a Lens course. (We have only four more spots available for this amazing class — that begins Jan. 3) We only offer this course a few times a year. Don't get shut out! If you haven't taken this eye-opening course, now would be the time.

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