Saturday, October 17, 2009

York Beach, Maine

Nubble Light House
                On our visit back home to New England this past June my wife, daughter, mom, step-dad, brother and I all took a day trip up to York Beach, Maine. For those that have never been there, York Beach is a slightly touristy but very typical New England summer beach town where the water is frigid and the seafood is amazing. If you're ever in the area it's definitely worth a the summer of course.

York Beach has always been a favorite vacation destination of my family's for generations. In fact, my relatives used to own a hotel on the beach called The Anchorage Inn which is still in operation today. 

Anchorage Inn across from the beach (left)

My daughter Myah and my brother Brandon in front of the Anchorage Inn (right)

York's Wild Kingdom at York Beach is a small amusement/zoo park especially geared toward younger kids with rides, games and petting zoos. This place is one of those hidden gems that is not well known outside of New England; or even in New England for that matter. I have many fond memories visiting this park as a young kid so it was very special to me seeing my daughter experience it as well.

Beginning of York's Wild Kingdom

Myah had so much fun on the rides and petting the animals

Even the turtles enjoyed themselves!

It wouldn't be right to end the day without getting some seafood so we all went to a great restaurant called Fox's which is adjacent to the Nubble Light House. We all enjoyed some of the best lobster, steamers and clam chowder on the planet.

Fox's restaurant 


So as we left York Beach, our pockets may have been a bit lighter but our minds were full of memories

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  1. Nice shots...and thanks for taking me down memory lane! I grew up in Connecticut and spent my summer vacations just a tad bit north of York in Wells, Maine. I miss it soooo much! I don't think I've ever been to the Nubble Light House - your picture makes it very inviting...maybe next trip back! Thanks for sharing your pictures.


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