Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week one for our advanced flash course

Take a peek into our advanced flash course.

The following is taken from the flash II blog

What a great first class. Let's review:

1. The basics. No need to go here, you guys did great! With sync cords in hand we began building messages starting with our background and working forward. Then without losing a step you all stepped up to the challenge of adding light and nailed it all very quickly. Congrats gang, good job!

2. Feathering. It's soft, it's coming from the perfect angle and it is really tough to control! But after an hour you guys rocked!!! This was no easy task either — each of us got to know our flashes and the power they can produce even more, learning about the angle and glare produced. Keep practicing the feather technique, it'll help tremendously during our second class. We'll even try to 'cross feather' with two flashes ... I can't wait!!!

Here we see the effect of 'feathering' on our bounced light. I don't think it can get any better, do you?

3. Basic Modification. Using a few modification tools proved exciting as we enlarged (and shrank) our light sources. I think you'll agree just what fantastic images were produced when we actually used the smaller softboxes. It was almost as nice as bounced feathering wasn't it?

Here are three options:

1) no flash, 2) very small soft box pointed directly at left side of model, 3) very small soft box pointed directly at right side of model. (Notice how in this last example the lighting looks unnatural. This we refer to as going against the grain — the second image in this series goes with the grain)

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