Sunday, October 25, 2009

Old Poway Park

We went there for our last Flash II class.

It is a lovely place to visit and lots to photograph. So I had to take photos. A small rail ride circles part of the park and I wanted to catch it when the train and people were dark against the light background. It took me several tries to get close to what I wanted. Some cropping...

This is just the way I took it after several tries to get what I wanted. I liked the light hitting the windmill blades.

This photo was all about the shadow of leaves on the tree at the right of the photo. I also took several shots and this one seems the best of the lot. Some photo editing was done on this.

I took several views of this strange fence. We always think that a fence should be straight and not curve as this one does. The curve with the light shining on the top of the pickets caught my eye. Still I feel that I should have kept shooting...

The top of the gazebo. I liked the tiers that show from this angle.

This is very cropped. I also took several shots of this view. None were quite what I wanted until I cropped the photo quite a bit.


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