Friday, October 23, 2009

Creating for a Purpose

The pelican trio sang quietly
in perfect humility
As always
the guests began to leave
And disappointed
Shawn, the baritone
Became shamefully embarrassed
And hid his face
From the jeering sea lions
"Beak up" jolted Sam
The tenor
"We ARE pelicans
after all!"

As we are taught in the IFLC, the art of message building takes practice, and failure in order to break through the bias of "normal", average photography. Sometimes...scratch that...most of the time, when shooting pure artistic work (no dead-lines or expectations of others) the results are few for the time spent (as may be counted by others). We do not create for quantity. It is the struggle to reconcile vision, emotion, reason and passion. As viewed...this could have been an everyday "picture"...until a story builds in the heart...then the task is how to best create and present the story and mood.
We have been given great gifts. They are not always easy. Most things worth anything cost more than little effort and thought.
Thanks Rod


  1. I've been to see the seals before but this photo makes it much more than all about the seals. You really captured it in a way I have never seen it! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very nice, Mark. It looks very other worldly. I love seeing the seals and sure hope that they are allowed to stay far all the attempts to remove them have stalled and that is a good thing.

  3. Thank you, Mark, for sharing your vision with us. I feel such a sense of serenity when looking at this photo.


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