Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Art of Being Patient

This weekend I learned an important lesson on being patient while trying to capture the shot you really want. I knew that I wanted to take a simple portrait. Just my subject and a blown out background. I found myself shooting at 1/40th of a second with a subject that would not hold still.

I tried bumping up the ISO, but I didn't want my image to be noisy so there was a limit with that. I wanted my entire subject to be in focus, which meant that I couldn't use the largest hole for my lens (1.8) I think I ended up using 5.6.

So, I was stuck. Stuck with my subject in complete shade in the backyard. Stuck with an assistant that was complaining and laughing out of embarrassment, and stuck with a difficult subject that kept clawing and meowing.

I took 150 useless blurry shots because of all the laughing, squirming and meowing. Then it happened, a bird flew by , and everyone froze. These were my favorite shots.

Lesson Learned : Keep fighting though until you get the shot that you want. If you wait long enough, everything will come together and you will get that one lucky shot


  1. They say patience is a virtue - in photography it's a MUST! Congrats on your tenacity, as it really paid off - these shots are very nice!

  2. Lace,

    Love your kitty photos. Patience comes in handy when taking pet photos. Cats see the camera lens and they just have to poke their nose at it. I think they want to tell you to drop the camera and pet them.



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