Thursday, September 3, 2009

A great week of the basics for our In Focus II: A Field Guide to Composition students

Thanks to all who've worked hard and pushed through the first week of assignments in your In Focus II: Mastering the Mechanics course. Many of you have even found the time to participate in the class blog. This is all quite amazing considering how busy you are.

About your posts: Finding and working with the basic graphic elements isn't as easy as you made it seem. You're work is inspirational and your dedication is a pure joy to watch unfold. I've posted some of your images above. Throughout this course, as you'll notice, you will have a constant stream of assignments — even beyond what your workbooks offer. Take your time through these extra assignments and challenges as well. Remember, with great sacrifice, comes great reward.

A plea to those who haven't posted yet.
Please, if you haven't posted the homework yet on your blog ... get busy. Falling behind in any In Focus class isn't a good thing. Everything we do in the field rests on your understanding of the basics. Remember, you've paid a lot of money to learn In Focus composition, don't let it go to waste.

Keep pushing, keep posting and we'll see you in the field.

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  1. Wow - these are interesting and great shots! Thanks for posting them, Rod! I love seeing what the composition class is up to since I haven't been able to take it yet (always full or scheduling conflicts) - but I see why it's so popular and can't wait to take it myself!!


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