Thursday, August 13, 2009

The linear and wave form shapes of nature have always intrigued me. For years I took photographs of what I saw rather than what I envisioned. For the past several years I've been involved with the InFocus family group, exploring the physics of photography, composition and how to set up camera and lights to record my vision. Now, instead of "recording the site" I am able to record what I "see." The two images illustrate the broad range of expression I've now able to produce.


  1. Beautiful photographs, Jean. I especially like the second one and how you captured the red of the setting sun behind the silhouette of the tree. Excellent!

  2. Jean,

    They truly are beautiful. I do love the sunset but the green is the one that catches my eye. Nice work.

  3. Great photos Jean. I love the colors of the sunset behind the tree


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