Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lily Pond

While waiting for class to start, I spent a lovely time at the lily pond. The lilies are beautiful so couldn't resist taking photos. Most were straight on pretty shots.

Then started trying to paint a bit. Met a lovely lady while doing this. She asked what I was doing and wanted to see my photos. She told me her name was Carmin and that she worked at the Senior Center. She was on a break so we talked until she had to return.

This is my favorite from the lily pond.



  1. Dorothy
    I agree, the one you chose as your favorite is beautiful. I also really like the two with reflections reflections. the water rippling with the peachy lily pads turned the reflection into a great abstract with the actual flowers being so clear

  2. I too have a soft spot for reflections, as always Dot, great images.

  3. Thank you both. Patsy, I too have a soft spot for reflections.

    And the peachy photo was cropped but I knew that when I took the photo...I could already see where I would crop it...


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