Monday, August 3, 2009

It began as a simple photograph

The box of plants and flowers I was sitting next to just begged to be photographed. Hues of purple and green blowing gently in the breeze, blended into a sea of blur in my mind’s eye. Instantly I knew, close up and personal would be the way to go.

You see, that’s how it usually starts for me – a simple idea.

Out came my macro lens and as I tested several angles I began to fit each graphic element together like a well-designed puzzle. Once the pieces were in place, the feeling crept up on me.

The image at hand was too red for the breezy purple and green hues I was initially attracted to, so I lowered my white balance to bring out the cooler side of my image. However, I still wasn’t completely satisfied. So, I bumped up my contrast and saturation a bit for more definition and a slightly bolder punch of color … and my message was born.

The journey is the fun part -- manipulating internal camera controls, fine-tuning feeling into a two-dimensional image, creating a world that only exists to me … leaving a path of pride, filled with every choice I made.

What began as a simple photograph turned into so much more. And it wasn’t so much about the mastery of the internal controls I tweaked to get the image … but about the insistence I had in creating the message I envisioned.

What began as a simple photograph turned into a labor of love.



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  2. Robin
    Hit wrong button and wasn't finished. This series of photos are absolutely amazing

  3. Robin,

    Your work is beautiful. I love the softness and the colors. Thank you for showing the original. Your painted version shows the essence of the original plant...truly art.


  4. Beaytiful Robin, great explanation of the process you go through.

  5. That picture has always been one of my favorites! Love it!


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