Monday, August 24, 2009

Agave Flowers - Three Year Effort

This is the third year of photographing an agave blooming. I've always been attracted to the dapple light on the blossoms; prior to this year every image was deleted. I just couldn't get what I envisioned.

I'm not really sure why this year was more successful. Some possibilities are: 1) used more contrast and saturation, 2: higher ISO (new camera) permitted greater DOF, plants had grown so was able to include leaves more effectively, didn't try for close/macro images of flowers.

Finally maybe my "eye" has developed.

Another success is the texture of a tree stump. Finally got what I envisioned. Again more contrast helped. Cropped closer than in previous attempts.

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  1. Jean,

    Wonderful texture on the tree stump. I totally understand about photographing the yucca in bloom. Not always easy to get the right view for composition, because of the way it grows. I like your second photo of the yucca best.



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