Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Acceptable Perspectives

Very cool having an introduction to new members.
Just said hello to Melissa. Her journey though longer travelled than mine is now bringing her new concerns of art and consumer relations. How much art will be acceptable to consumers??? How much technique can we bring to the table??
Melissa, as I'm sure you can guess, there is no single answer. Each customer will have varying tastes. Thank goodness there are websites and portfolios for us to show our wares before we even discuss what happens next with a customer.
Recently, I have found that even some most basic changes can yield original results. Isn't that what we want to offer? Sure, it may be a twist on something else we've seen, but the time, place and moment make it unique.
Never be afraid to keep it simple either. With kids, oh boy, stay on your toes and try to make something good happen, all the while, winning them over, and maintaining their true personalities in the frame.
It could be a simple blow-out to remove the "clutter" in a living room. A patio door that shouts light may be used to catch the essence of a young boy

Another find for me has been Joannes Fabrics. I purchase fabric there for backdrops or just to try ideas when they pop in my head and "nag" at me to "go ahead". Fabrics are a nice addition to a shoot. The little girl below was more than happy to drape the fabric over her by window light. Detail schmeetail!!! We're looking for softness and an air of wonder. The wonder children naturally bring to each shoot.

Ok, these are my grand children...but...believe me, they live so far away I rarely see them, and "posing" for photos is like a trip to the dentist.
Good luck to you and as always...keep shooting!



  1. Those eyes! Nice blowout. Your granddaughter is beautiful and you took a wonderful photo of her.

    Hailey used to pose for me whenever...then about three years ago it was pretty much all over. Now I let her get songs for her iPod so she will pose...and it doesn't last for long so I have to be quick...URF!

  2. Sweet shots Mark! That goes to both the photographic skill and the subjects!


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