Thursday, July 23, 2009

A painted cactus

Image by
Rod Deutschmann
IFLC instructor

Most people are afraid of blur — sure they'll use it to isolate a subject but few actually try to understand it and to make it work for them.

Here we see an image created through the use of a technique my wife and I call 'finger painting.' This is one of many we teach in our more advanced courses.

Though a little complicated to explain it simply relies on the photographer creating rhythm in the background by manipulating a foreground blur — keeping his middle tier of graphic information in crisp focus.

As the name suggests you actually put your fingers in front of the lens to make this work. OF COURSE you can't be in any auto mode to make this happen. It's all about being in pure manual — including manual focus.

There was a hand-held, off-camera, wireless, snooted flash used as well to help with the moody isolation. (No after-the-fact manipulation was done.) The secret: a little heart, patience and the courage to break every photography 'rule' they've ever created.

NOTE: This technique and the plethora of other painting with a lens options can be found in many of our classes.

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