Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Great Post!

Here is a post and comment from the In Focus Learning Center ... it sums up quite a bit:

platscha said...

So if I get this right, the An In Focus blog is the replacement for the forum but not to share our photos as we were in the forum or ask questions, chit chat. Yes, there was a limited actual participation in the forum, I agree.
Bottom line I talk to much anyway, think I will try being a lurker.

Rod Deutschmann said...

An In Focus World gives In Focus artists a place to post images, to talk and discuss — to share ideas, feelings and messages. It's a place where our voice can be heard, where our intent can be clear and where everyone can see who we are and what we do.

An In Focus World will unite us, bring the group together like no time before. We, together, have a strong voice — we can share the magic of true artistic expression, showing others what they can do if they only let go of what society believes.

'Lurking' in the corner and not participating won't make that happen Patsy. You're a fantastic artist, your voice is clean, focused and beautiful (I know your work). Why wouldn't you want to share that? To give a little piece of that magic to the world?

Your voice and those of the other IFLC artists is so important right now. The world of photography has been swallowed by all the pushers of auto systems, by all the hawkers of computer programs – we as artists, we as visionaries have to take it back. We have to show others that there is more to photography than just taking pictures. It's our responsibility to give something back to the world, to show our children that art is important, that expressionism is not dead. We have to be the ones who stand up for individuality. We have to be the ones who show pride in every decision we make. We have to be the ones who say "We are not going to settle for average any longer!" "We are not going to settle for average! And our images don't have to look like everyone else's and it doesn't matter what you think."

Patsy we need to make the difference. We can't just sit in the corner and chit chat — that's what put us in the hole to begin with. We have to act. We are not going to take the easy path ... we are going to push. To make the world hear. If it's not us, then who will it be?

We can make a difference. Our voice and message will change how the world views photography — but only if artists such as yourself say something about it. It's only going to happen if each of us stands proud and says what we believe. If we create those messages and then share them with the world — no matter what they think of them.
Besides, isn't that what being a real artist is all about?

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